We're committed to helping grow local businesses.
GrowLocals is an initiative launched by Scott Community Building and Development, LLC to support locally owned small businesses and non-profits that serve their local community. Those businesses span numerous industries and disciplines – from doctors and lawyers offices, to retail stores and restaurants. Local businesses provide needed services, strengthen their local economy, create jobs, and support the tax base of their surrounding communities. Non-profit organizations which also provide needed services within our communities typically get more support from local businesses than from large chains, a fact that is often overlooked.
Our Mission:
Cultivate and Develop Locally Owned Businesses in Support of Stronger Local Communities.
Our Vision:
We are TIED to these key objectives:
1. Train local business owners to leverage technology to increase their likelihood of success.
2. Inspire local business owners to actively pursue partnerships and community improvement initiatives within their geographic area.
3. Empower consumers to support locally owned small businesses that support their community.
4. Develop and maintain affordable marketing channels that effectively connect businesses with their local audience.

If you’re a business owner, contact us to find out how we can help you to connect with your local audience and grow your business.